Seven Bells

Seven Bells in Port Townsend

I sailed my old wooden boat, Seven Bells, to Port Townsend, WA last weekend for the Wooden Boat Festival.

New engines: small, quiet, clean, efficient

This week we went for our first cruise aboard Seven Bells with its new engines installed! The Christmas lights on Lake Union were lovely, and the engines were so quiet I found it hard to believe they were actually running!

Take a look at this album of photos taken by Jenny, one of my guests aboard the boat on Monday night.

Old engines out, bilge gets a bath

I arrived at CSR Marine bright and early (at 11 AM) on Wednesday. The new engines arrived late last week, delivered by a MER Equipment truck. The big crane at CSR Marine pulled Seven Bells out of the water, where it had been hiding in a covered shed to minimize damage to the exterior varnish by the bright September and October sunlight -- no kidding! -- and set the boat down on blocks in the big metal shed at CSR's new facility in Ballard.

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